Recreation-in-Balance (Envision)

SPOT is a member of the Recreation-in-Balance team that was formed as a result of the Envision Chaffee County Initiative in 2018. The team is made up of our public agencies and interested citizens who recreate in the area in a variety of ways. A planning grant was written by the team to CPW State Trails Program toward a Colorado the Beautiful Grant, which was recently awarded. The Grant includes

  1. Creating a Chaffee County Asset Map that shows layers of recreational opportunities as well as layers of environmental resources and wildlife corridors,
  2. Creating a monitoring system to look at our current recreational assets and their conditions,
  3. Providing the means for a rapid response to problem areas, and
  4. To create a document of guidelines for future recreational development. This grant will involve a great many people over the next could years to compile information, perform fieldwork, receive community input and assemble suggestions for public guidelines.