SPOT Board of Directors


Donna Rhoads

Salida resident, founding member of SPOT, trail consultant, community planner, grant writer, Chaffee County Transportation Advisory Board member, co-owner with her husband of D&J Rare Gems, certified swim instructor at Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center, FIBArk historian and seamstress.

Katy- Grether

Katy Grether

Salida resident, owner of the Salida Mixing Bowl kitchen store, grant writer, historic preservationist, project leader in restoring the Hutchinson Homestead and Learning Center and the current restoration of the historic Valley View School, Board member for Guidestone which supports a vibrant local agricultural future.


Denise Wentz

Salida resident, co-owner of Wentz Foot and Ankle Specialists, physical therapist, project leader in replacing the playground equipment in Salida’s Alpine Park.


Shawn Gillis
SPOT board member

Salida Mountain Trails member since 2004, owner Absolute Bikes and Absolute Bikes Adventures in Salida CO, certified BG Master Bike Fitter.

Wayne Sawyer

Wayne Sawyer
SPOT board member

Salida resident, realtor with First Colorado Land Office, business consultant, trail project coordinator.


Cheryl Brown-Kovacic
SPOT board member

Salida resident, Salida City Council Member, education consultant, member of the League of Women Voters, previously on Salida Planning Commission and Chaffee County Heritage Board.

Jessica Downing
SPOT board member

Salida resident. Staff member and coach at Absolute Bikes. Avid bike commuter/recreationalist. Community Leader/Coach for VIDA MTB Series (women’s mountain bike series). Co-owner/Marketing Director of Ovid Nine Creative Lab, a local graphic design agency.

Susan Roebuck
SPOT board member

Salida resident and avid trail advocate. Susan is a writer, artist and teacher who appreciates Salida’s outdoor opportunities and is passionate about trail connectivity in the Salida area.