The Two Rivers Trails Project (2016-2018)

Two Rivers Trails have recently been built as part of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife, State Trails Program grant. The easements for the trails were acquired through the annexation of a property whose development focuses on the appreciation of the South ArkansasRiver (Little River) and its confluence into the Arkansas River. The trails provide a non-motorized safe, scenic corridor for public River (Little River) and its confluence into the Arkansas River. The trails provide a non-motorized safe, scenic corridor for public recreation and transportation. The crusher fine trail along the Little River provides access to ~1/4 mile natural riparian area and to the development’s planned public Confluence Park at CR 105 to the east. To the west, the trail connects via the pedestrian bridge to a concrete trail running northerly along the west boundary to CR 105, directly across from Scott Street. Thank you to the City of Salida, Natural Habitats and CPW for this project. Final trail amenities including Mutt Mitts, benches, signs, and ecological restoration will be completed this year 2019.

The Two Rivers Trails Project was a unique partnership between a private contractor, the City of Salida, the non-profit Salida-area Parks, Open-space & Trails (SPOT) and Colorado Park and Wildlife (CPW). The project accomplished the goals of the partners and provides a valuable amenity for the community.

Private Contractor: Donated land through annexation and built the trails

City of Salida: Accepted the donated land and trail for public use

SPOT: Coordinated the project and helped create and implement the CPW grant

CPW: Provided the impetus and funding necessary for this project.

Project Accomplishments

  • Provided Natural Habitats the opportunity to develop property that focuses on; 1. The appreciation of the South Arkansas River (Little River) and its confluence into the Arkansas River, 2. The connectivity to open spaces, and 3. The respect for nature.
  • Provides the City of Salida an important trail connection that complements Salida’s Comprehensive Plan and the Salida Regional Transportation Plan.
  • Compliments SPOT’s planning efforts by providing a safe, scenic corridor for public recreation and transportation that connects to our existing Salida Trail System. The Two Rivers Trails connect neighborhoods, create public gathering places and provide outdoor recreational opportunities along the river corridor.
  • Provides a tremendous asset to the Salida community that greatly improves the quality of life for our citizens and guests. The ~1/2-mile trail consists of two sections connected by a pedestrian bridge that spans the Little Arkansas River. The trails provide non-motorized trail development in an area of town that was previously underserved and offer opportunities for future trail development in the future.
  • Supports the efforts of our local non-profits, SPOT (Salida-area Parks, Open-space & Trails), GARNA (Greater Arkansas River Nature Association), CCC (Central Colorado Conservancy), TU (Trout Unlimited), SMT (Salida Mountain Trails), and Guidestone, by preserving a riparian corridor and providing opportunities for environmental restoration, re-habilitation and education.
  • Supports the mission of CPW’s Trails Program to promote understanding and stewardship of Colorado’s outdoors by providing opportunities for the public use and support of Colorado’s diverse system of trails.

Salida-area Parks, Open-space & Trails (SPOT) is a volunteer, non-profit organization with a mission to promote the creation, preservation, improvement and appreciation of parks, open space and trails in the greater Salida area. For over twenty years, SPOT has worked with citizens and the municipalities of Chaffee County to enhance recreational opportunities in the area, including helping to plan and develop the Salida Trail System and supporting trail maintenance through its community based Adopt-a-Trail Program. Other projects have included historic preservation, public park improvements and open-space acquisition.

Thank you,
Donna Rhoads, SPOT, President