Trail Projects for 2019

Scott St. Trail Connections

The Scott St. Trail Connections involved building two trail segments which allowed the three pieces of Scott Street to connect. These trails now provide a safe, continuous, non-motorized transportation corridor through the eastern section of the City of Salida and off of SH291/Oak St. The trails are located on City of Salida utility easements that run between and inside private property. The Salida Public Works Department designed and built the trails in 2018 and are currently signing Scott Street as a designated bike route. This project was made possible through a Salida Community Funding Grant. We thank all those involved in the project.

Two River Trails Project

The Two Rivers Trails have recently been built as part of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife, State Trails Program grant. The easements for the trails were acquired through the annexation of a property whose development focuses on the appreciation of the South Arkansas River (Little River) and its confluence into the Arkansas River. The trails provide a non-motorized safe, scenic corridor for public recreation and transportation. The crusher fine trail along the Little River provides access to ~1/4 mile natural riparian area and to the developmentā€™s planned public Confluence Park at CR 105 to the east. To the west, the trail connects via the pedestrian bridge to a concrete trail running northerly along the west boundary to CR 105, directly across from Scott Street. Thank you to the City of Salida, Natural Habitats and CPW for this project. Final trail amenities including Mutt Mitts, benches, signs, and ecological restoration will be completed this year 2019.